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Eira Enkvist is an artist born 1986 from Finland. She studied at Novia in Nykarleby, Finland, for her Bachelor. After that she moved to Ghent, Belgium, for her Master of Arts at KASK. At KASK her art developed more to video art. After her MA she moved back to Finland to work as a teacher in Fine Arts on high school level. In Finland she also became active in the artists association Rajataide ry, first as a second chairman and then 2014 as the chairman for the association.

Currently she lives and works again in Ghent, Belgium.

Her art is a mix between installation and video art. The works can sometimes be videos like paintings, but mostly they are longer projects in the genre of Expanded Documentary. Interviews and reality are the basis for her work. The truth will always be subjective, but let it at least be honestly so.